Constant iteration, that’s the way

At we’re committed to relentless innovation driven by customer needs and the ever-evolving dynamics of the e-commerce industry and artificial intelligence technologies. Over the past six weeks since our launch, we have rapidly iterated features on our platform aimed at giving our users more control, flexibility, and quality. Here’s a breakdown of what we have been up to:

Control Marketing Description Lengths

We’ve implemented the ability to control the length of marketing descriptions. Every marketplace, every platform, and indeed, every product, calls for a unique approach to the amount of detail provided. Our new feature allows you to manage this easily, leading to more tailored product listings that align with your requirements.

Diverse Voice Styles

Following user feedback, we introduced a selection of voice styles for product descriptions. You can now select between professional, friendly, informal, and other styles to best suit your brand’s tone and the product in question. This feature adds a layer of personalisation, ensuring your descriptions resonate with your consumers.

Headline Options

We understand that a great product listing often starts with a catchy headline. To that end, we’ve added an option to generate punchy headlines for your product descriptions. This feature is geared towards making your products stand out, grab attention, and ultimately, drive more sales and could be most useful for social media marketing campaigns.

SEO Keywords Optimisation

We’ve also improved SEO keyword implementation. We’ve upgraded our system to focus on long-tail SEO keywords, helping your product listings become more searchable and visible to potential customers. The suggested keywords can also help with campaign planning.

Off-Pack Table Extraction

We’ve improved the off-pack table extraction as part of our Image Extract functionality. This means the platform can now automatically extract and digitise more data from your product images, increasing accuracy and saving you time.

API Release’s API, allowing seamless integration of our platform into other systems, has also been released (documentation can be found here). This development means you can take advantage of’s capabilities within your existing workflows, providing a more cohesive and efficient product management experience. We already have a leading content team onboard with a deep integration of into their internal systems and workflows.

We’re incredibly proud of the strides we’ve taken in these short six weeks since the launch. These advancements have been largely driven by feedback that we actively seek and encourage.

As a user-centric platform, we are committed to being responsive and proactive in adapting our features to match your needs.

And there are more exciting changes on the horizon.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here’s to shaping the future of e-commerce together!

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