Now we can fix and optimise critical product names by the thousand

Our latest feature – the Product Name Optimiser – is designed to solve a common catalogue nightmare – the manual fixing of thousands of product names which have been mangled, truncated by legacy datastores or simply broken by humans.

No more tearing your hair out over unintelligible product names because the Product Name Optimiser tool will transform your catalogue of product names into standardised versions that will help clean up your catalogue, make products easily understandable and SEO fit and ready for eCommerce.

The Product Name Optimiser works by restructuring the product name, fixing measurements, capitalisation, expanding abbreviations if possible, and making your catalogue more coherent.

Key features of our Product Name Optimiser include: 

1. Time-Saving Solution: Manually interpreting, changing, and maintaining standardised product names across ranges can be incredibly time-consuming. The Product Name Optimiser streamlines this process, freeing up valuable time for you to focus on other aspects of your business. 

2. Standardisation of Product Names: By creating a consistent naming convention across your catalogue, you can help customers easily find and compare products. 

3. Expansion of Abbreviations: The Product Name Optimiser will expand commonly used abbreviations to ensure customers have a clear understanding of the product they are viewing. 

4. A Professional Catalogue: The optimised product names will provide a more professional and polished appearance for your catalogue. 

5. Improved eCommerce Readiness: With optimised product names, your catalogue will be better prepared for eCommerce platforms, better set up for SEO and will ultimately lead to increased conversions and sales. 

The Product Name Optimiser joins the growing suite of features on the platform to take the pain out of producing and managing eCommerce content.

Visit today to learn more about this groundbreaking feature and discover how our suite of AI-powered solutions can revolutionise your online business. 

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