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With Amazon’s official announcement on Monday, October 17, of its much anticipated launch in South Africa, local online sellers have an great new opportunity to grow their ecommerce business via the world’s leading online marketplace.

However, excelling on Amazon requires more than just setting up an account. Sellers need to optimise their entire presence to stand out and convert to sales in an increasingly competitive environment. This is where (try it now for free) steps in to help South African merchants realise the full potential of Amazon using our AI-powered product content creation capability.

As outlined in Amazon’s Seller Guide, there are certain standards and best practices that enable success on the platform which include:

  • High-Quality, SEO-Optimised Listings: Compelling titles, descriptions and features and benefits as bullets are essential for visibility and conversion. Images must meet size and quality guidelines.
  • Tight Inventory Controls: Strict targets exist for order defects, cancellations and late shipments to ensure a smooth customer experience. Inventory must be synced across sales channels.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Amazon’s reputation depends on all sellers providing exceptional service and support.
  • Valid Product IDs: Accurate Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) like UPCs are required to identify products.
  • Informative Listings: Product details like ingredients, dimensions and nutritional information must be comprehensive. helps South African sellers clear the significant product content hurdles to set their Amazon presence up for success: generates optimised titles, descriptions, features and benefits as bullet points and search terms to create compelling, high-converting listings that will stand out on Amazon and drive sales. This saves sellers considerable manual effort. can produce in seconds what it would take a human hours to do.

Our platform can generate product content in bulk too with easy export functionality to get into shape to be loaded onto Amazon. can quickly digest product packaging imagery and extract all relevant details – ingredients, nutritional facts, dimensions, technical specifications, etc. This will ensure that your Amazon listings have the comprehensive product information that customers need to make informed purchases.

By generating excellent listing copy and product descriptions which are optimised for maximum discoverability, helps sellers establish themselves and succeed on Amazon.

As an innovative South African-born startup, understands the pain points of local sellers and is well positioned to assist local sellers succeed on and beyond.

We handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your ecommerce business.

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