How produces content for “impossible things”

At, we love a good challenge and making the artificial intelligence under our hood sweat.

So we gave ourselves a fun challenge. We set out to find a couple of “impossible things” which actually exist in the world to see if we could create some classy content for them.

We decided to test our capabilities on an interesting list of products from Good Housekeeping. The list featured some of the weirdest products available on Amazon, allowing us to truly stretch Productify’s creative muscles.

Two items that stood out were the Chicken Harness and Leash, and the Bacon Bandages. Not only did manage to create appealing product descriptions, it also generated comprehensive lists of features, attributes, and benefits.

For the Chicken Harness and Leash, our AI created an engaging description that highlighted the product’s quality, safety, and comfort. Here it is:

Our Chicken Harness and Leash is the perfect accessory for your feathered friend’s outdoor adventures. With its robust build and 1.5m leash, you can be sure that your chicken will be safe and secure during their walks. The harness is designed for comfort, ensuring that your chicken will enjoy their outings as much as you do. It fits chickens up to 33cm tall and features a steel clip for added security. Get ready to take your chicken on some exciting walks with our Chicken Harness and Leash!

The result was an appealing pitch which we think would encourage potential customers to consider this oddball product.

The same approach was applied to Bacon Bandages.

Bacon Bandages are the perfect addition to your first aid kit. These bandages are designed to look like strips of bacon and come in a tin of 15 sterile adhesive bandages. They are made with high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. Each bandage measures 3 inches long by 1 inch wide, making them suitable for covering small cuts and scrapes. The bacon design is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face, making them an ideal choice for kids and adults alike. Add some fun to your first aid routine with Bacon Bandages!

We also generated fulsome features, attributes and benefits:


  • Each tin contains 15 bandages
  • Bandages are shaped like bacon strips
  • Bandages are sterile and individually wrapped
  • Bandages are made of breathable, flexible fabric
  • Bandages are easy to apply and remove


  • Dimensions: 3″ x 1″
  • Latex-free adhesive
  • Not recommended for use on open wounds
  • Not for consumption


  • Fun and unique way to cover up minor cuts and scrapes
  • Breathable fabric helps wounds heal faster
  • Individually wrapped bandages are convenient for on-the-go first aid
  • Latex-free adhesive is gentle on skin
  • Great gift for bacon lovers or anyone with a sense of humor

These two examples are obviously just a bit of fun but we hope we make a serious point – how effectively Productify can operate even when faced with a challenge which might have a human content creator scratching their heads for a while.

If we can do content like this for “impossible things”, imagine what we can do for you!

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